I currently hold a position at Citigroup in Buffalo, New York as a Junior Designer.

Below are some design pieces that I completed from my work experience.

No dust on these files.

Only my freshest ideas. Made with the help of my high-profile work experience & internships.

Citi Fintech

Where local developers and financial leaders come together to foster FinTech development and innovation within their communities

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Digital Networking Lounge

Marketing tool for Citi's Treasury and Trade Solutions - Latin America

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Global Internet Conference

Citi's second annual private company Global Internet Innovation Forum held in Park City, Utah

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Americas Securities Leadership Forum

Rising to Americas Challenges: Navigating Market Realities in Transaction Services

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TTS Market Review

Email Communication Template

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Survey on Self Service Tools

Registration Form and Questionnaire

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To start, a brief introduction of my capabilities.


I graduated from Canisius College with a Bachelor’s degree in both Communication Studies and Digital Media Arts, while also earning my Integrated Marketing Certificate. As a dual major, I have a broad knowledge of the design creative process and experience with web development, creative services, and techniques in public relations. I am currently residing in Grand Island, New York


Proficient understanding to render professional-grade sketches and final drafted frameworks with the ability of Adobe products and Mircosoft Office. I began my career as a Graphic Designer. I am diversified in the differences of creating print-quality layouts that differ from web interfaces. In my free-time, I enjoy doodling random illustrations for personal use.


I am proficient with HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery and possess skills related to formatting and designing layouts for web pages. I am always looking to take on new challenges. If you are interested in building a personal websites. I am in the business to building hand-coded, tested and responsive sites, for any takers.

I would love to talk

Feel free to reach out.

[ NAME ] Meagan M. Bond

[ SPECIALITY ] Front-End Developer

[ E-MAIL ] meaganbond13[@]gmail.com

[ PHONE ] 814.602.4336