Silly Wins Big in Super Bowl Ads

Posted by on Feb 3, 2014 in ComLead, Integrated Marketing Communication

Silly Wins Big in Super Bowl Ads

If you tuned in to the Super Bowl last night, you’re probably among the many who found the ads more entertaining than the actual game. At $4 million per 30 second spot, I was hoping the commercials would deliver. (I was hoping Peyton would deliver too, but that’s another story. Sigh.)

Super Bowl XLVIII ads provided the requisite dose of Americana from Chrysler, Budweiser and Coke, and heartwarming family pieces from Heinz, Cheerios and Cheerios.

My favorites were that ads that old poked fun at themselves. Here’s the handful that I think were among the very best ads this Super Bowl.

The Winners

The truly wacky and self-deprecating promos from RadioShack and Tim Tebow for T-Mobile were just plain fun.

Self-mockery has lately proved a popular marketing tactic for on-the-brink companies like Domino. Slate’s Seth Stevenson, who has rated game day ads for a decade, agrees this can be a smart tactic. “Carefully doled-out dollops of self-flagellation can go a long way toward convincing customers that your intentions are good and your promises are genuine,” says. The ads say, “We’re not perfect, so we’re listening to your feedback. We’re having fun with it, too, so love us anyway.”

Even Sarah McLaughlin shared a laugh at her own expense. Audi had the face of animal rescue being bullied by a terrifyingly absurd Doberhuahua in the carmaker’s exploration of the terrible consequences of compromising.

And while we’re talking car ads, let’s take a moment to appreciate the most fun automaker ad of the night from Jaguar.

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